Big Game Giant Bluefin Tuna

tunA01.jpg These trips involve fishing for one of the largest game fish in the world, The Giant Bluefin can range from 300lbs to over 1000lbs. Cape Cod hotshots include Chathamís Crab ledge, the BB Bouy and the BC Bouy along the great south channel. Early in the season these fish are more concerned with going somewhere and we employ trolling with squid bars or use daisy chains of mackerel.

Later in the season we will use live bluefish or dead mackerel herring and drift over steep drop offs. You must have the right tackle and here we use our Penn International 80ís and 130ís to battle these giants. our boat has a custom Scopinich Fighting chair and swivel rod holders. Fishing for giants requires patience and lots of time on the water. If you want the big game fishing experience with the strongest fish in the Atlantic, this is it.

12-16 hours ($1700)
5 Anglers maximum

Multiple Day Specialty Packages are available. Call or email for more information.