Satisfied Sportfishing Customers

Any day on the water with fish biting results in very happy customers! Many of "Reel Attitude's" loyal customers remember the day and their first reaction when they saw the vessel and hooked a fish especially when it was a BIG ONE. Here are a few testimonials of the boat's seaworthiness, fishability and the overall experience with Captain Eddie:

"Ed! I would like to personally thank you for making 9/8/2004 A Day my father will never forget. You and your brother were excellent and it was another unforgettable trip. Have a wonderful off season and hope to see you again next year. Here’s a few pictures please forward your brother with our thanks. He’s a man my fathers will never forget."
A card from Jim Racette

"Finally we were off! It took us about one hour to get to the fishing spot right off of Nantucket" the first three seconds the lines were in the water, Grandpa felt a slight tug. He had a FISH! It tugged. It pulled. It jumped out of the water. It went from right to left. Then it jumped right into the boat. It was a Big One! The first catch of the day!..."
An excerpt from a letter to Captain Eddie from 9 year old, Chris Mandalakis who fished with his grandfather on the vessel, Reel Attitude.

"Did you have any idea how influential your special boating experience was"
An excerpt from the mother of Chris Mandalakis, who sent Captain Eddie the school report her son did on his memorable fishing experience aboard the vessel Reel Attitude.

Reel_07.jpg "Fishing aboard "Reel Attitude" was a real treat! Everything from the brand new comfortable boat to the pleasant and knowledgeable crew made the Fishing and the Catching, THE BEST! I'm looking forward to my next trip. Thanks again Captain Eddie!"
A testimonial from another peer Captain, Ted Edwards, Darien Connecticut.

"Reel Attitude is an extremely well equipped boat that is capable of fishing in any conditions comfortably and safely. Capt. Eddie has an extensive knowledge of fishing the Cape waters both inshore and offshore. Every time I board Reel Attitude I am confident that the day ahead will be a safe and rewarding experience."
A testimonial from Chris Walsh, a passionate fisherman and Captain

 "Hooking and releasing three Bluefin Tuna on one trip and a 350-400 lb Mako shark on another trip are just two examples I've shared fishing with the Reel Attitude team. All of that occurred while pods of giant Humpback whales sounded repeatedly around the boat in all directions. It was a thrilling experience in every respect. I highly recommend fishing with Captain Ed Carreiro aboard the Reel Attitude."
A testimonial from Dave Kelly, an avid Cape Cod and Florida fisherman.

"If you are serious about chasing giant Bluefin Tuna on a state-of-the-art boat with a seasoned captain who knows what he's doing, then you need to be on the Reel Attitude! Rigging and setting the baits, then hearing the Penn 130's go off as giant Bluefins smashed into them is something I won't ever forget!!Whether you are fishing after giant Bluefin Tuna, or setting your hook into big striped bass and blues, fishing with Captain Ed Carreiro on Reel Attitude is the ultimate fishing experience!"comments.jpg
Excerpts from a testimonial from one of many trips out with Dave Kelly.